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Handle Spoon Ring

Handle Spoon Ring


Get a piece of history. All spoon rings are made from antique spoons. The story told is that from the 17th century servants who were unable to afford a ring, would steal a silver spoon from their master's house to form into a ring for a marriage proposal.


Please note: no rings were stolen in the making of these rings!

All spoon rings are unique and therefore, not all listed on the website. If you would like to order a ring and already know your size please get in touch by email, I will then send you pictures of each of the rings currently in stock in your size for you to choose from. Alternatively if nothing jumps out to you we can work together to make something that's just right.

If you aren't sure what size you will need you can order one of our ring sizers, when you order your ring you will get the price of the sizer knocked off. Or if you can't wait you can measure your finger using a strip of paper and send me the measurement.


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