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Hi, I'm Lizzie, founder and maker behind Little Spoon Jewellery.


I have been lucky enough to combine my love for silversmithing with my magpie skills for seeking sparkling treasures. Old silverware, coins and spoons may not sparkle when I find them, they are often dull and dented. I adore being able to turn something that may otherwise be forgotten or discarded into an item to be loved once again.


I aim to make my jewellery as ethically as possible, using repurposed antique silverware and eco-silver. In a world of fast fashion and throw away culture I make solid items of jewellery to last, offering follow up services including polishing, cleaning and resizing.

I love that each item I use has untold stories and secrets. The cups of tea that each spoon may have stirred, the old coins that have laid under pillows waiting to be found by gappy toothed child.  We may never know the exact stories but the fun is wondering.

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